Who we are ?

The HOUSE OF association the DIALOGUE AND THE PEACE “MADIPAX” wants to promote, in the City, innovative, short-lived or sustainable spaces.

These spaces have for vocation to welcome, in a spirit of mutual tolerance, people. Who? Individuals of any ages, various religions or philosophic conceptions, and livened up by a will of interconvictionnel dialogue for the Peace.

The actors of “MADIPAX” are already involved in the interreligious, intercultural and intergenerational dialogue. They want to go farther to live it together. They believe that it gets on(hears each other) in the diversity of the cultures, the religions and the faiths. With other actors of the Dialogue, they commit innovative actions by improving the intergenerational relations between the people of any origins. And it to create, locally, synergies. It is a question of maintaining a real appetite for the culture, the consciousness of other one, in its difference. They want, with every citizen, to propose and to build an intercultural hope.

They wish to reach a real qualitative change of the intergenerational relations between private individuals, humanists, religions, institutions, elected representatives to create locally convergences.

To join this common peace ideal to all.