Peace trip to France from October 17 to 24, 2021

Madipax is organizing its next Peace Trip to France from October 19 to 24, 2021. An article published on the Ouest-France website is available at this address :

For more information, download the pdf file below :

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24 hours in the country

In REPORTERS National daily newspaper of information
24 HOURS IN the COUNTRY CURRENT EVENT TODAY in September 27th, 2015

Initiative of the French association MaDiPax
A stay in Aurès in the name of the peace and to fight(dispute) the fear by SABRINA MILOUDI

The fate wanted that as patriots and GLD of the region of Tikjda decide to commemorate Hervé Gourdel’s murder, French national removed(kidnapped) then killed by terrorists of Jund Al Khilafa – small group annihilated since by the ANP – a French association, MaDiPax, begins(undertakes), in parallel, to organize a stay in Algeria, in Aurès, coming from 17 till 24 October

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Dream about a “house”

la croix

The Madipax association, based in Paris and in Nantes, gives for mission to create permanent spaces of meeting between the religions and the cultures.

Before investing a physical place, the association is going to make at first live these exchanges through concrete actions.

” There are in France any sorts of houses?: of health, associations, labor unions, wines … But not still of house of the dialogue and the peace “, notices Jacques Hubert, president of the association Madipax, based in Paris and in Nantes.

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