Concept of ” House of the Dialogue and the Peace “

The concept of ” HOUSE OF the DIALOGUE AND THE PEACE ” arose from the experiment of public-spirited interreligious Dialogue led by the Association TIBHIRINE since about twenty years. This Association law 1901, established by Jacques Hubert in March, 1996, at the time of the kidnapping of the monks of Tibhirine in Algeria, knew how to invent, in Nantes and just like what lived on the spot the monks, a permanent dialogue between people of various religions. TIBHIRINE allows to gather these people by inviting them to build locally a society calmed thanks to a dialogue in the service of the brotherhood.

An urgent Challenge

The HOUSE OF THE DIALOGUE AND The PAIX-MADIPAX, creates at the end of 2013 in Paris, wants to exceed the strict domain of the religions to recover very concretely, in the diversity of the cultures, the religions and the faiths, this urgent challenge of the company of the living together. He seems necessary for the actors of MADIPAX to create unpublished reports between individus-associations-entreprises-reli gions-gions-pouvoirs public … to maintain, over time, a real appetite for the culture or the consciousness of the other various.

The HOUSE OF THE DIALOGUE AND The PAIX-MADIPAX, at the heart of the city in France or somewhere else, opened not only to the diverse voluntary confessions but still to the philosophic or agnostic currents making some Dialogue their priority, will allow to promote spaces of meeting to feed this appetite for the other various and concretize this will of dialogue for the peace.