24 hours in the country

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24 HOURS IN the COUNTRY CURRENT EVENT TODAY in September 27th, 2015

Initiative of the French association MaDiPax
A stay in Aurès in the name of the peace and to fight(dispute) the fear by SABRINA MILOUDI

The fate wanted that as patriots and GLD of the region of Tikjda decide to commemorate Hervé Gourdel’s murder, French national removed(kidnapped) then killed by terrorists of Jund Al Khilafa – small group annihilated since by the ANP – a French association, MaDiPax, begins(undertakes), in parallel, to organize a stay in Algeria, in Aurès, coming from 17 till 24 October

A “escapade” which the Parisian House association of the dialogue and the peace, in an approach holds which it considers as participative and innovative with for purpose to share ” an intergenerational, interreligious and intercultural experience “. ” We shall be welcomed in the region of Aurès, near the desert, to El Kantara [and] each will experiment, on the spot in the contact of the inhabitants, the other participants and the desert the distancing and the peace to find the availability on the real meeting, on the dialogue, on the hospitality, lived in the heart of a different culture “, writes the association which plans ” visits of sites, communities, cultural and social actors, political and economic persons in charge […] with the aim of discovering, on the ground, The Algerian culture in all its diversity, to promote the local Algerian economy, the cooperation and the exchanges with France “. In an interview granted, yesterday, in the publishing of the daily paper Ouest-France, Jacques Hubert, founder of MaDiPax, explained that this journey ” [which] is a strong movement […] is the formula in which we believe to bring down the mutual fears which damage the relations ” before adding that ” the dialogue, the friendly confrontation in the other one, the foreigner, is the only way of clearing of mines the confrontations between communities “. Mr Hubert also asserts that “the participants are diverse and varied people [who leave] to discover the Algerian culture”. “We treated me madman, we told me you will not come back from Algeria. It is necessary to fight the fear. It is the base of the democracy that is attacked with this permanent violence. It is necessary to go out of the fear which is the compost of the fundamentalism. The intellectual rigorous ignorance and the defect are the roots of the violence. It is necessary to demonstrate that we need from each other.”

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